June May 9, 2017




Academy Updates


A little progress everyday day adds up to BIG RESULTS.

- Satya Nani 


Activities like dancing, gymnastics, and of course martial arts, take dedication, quality practice, and TIME to be good. I have seen many students start these "arts" with natural abilities and progress quickly. So much so that they become bored, or don't appreciate the process. This in turn causes the practitioner to prematurely quit before they reach a level of competency and confidence that makes them GREAT. I am told often that when I demonstrate techniques, I make it look easy. Well folks, I've been active in the martial arts for more than 34 years, and I've made my share of mistakes to find out for myself what works, what doesn't, and what I need to do to make myself better. That's due to continual research, training and teaching. I didn't get here overnight, but years of experience have made me what I am today. I promise you that what you struggle with now will be "easy" with a little progress everyday!

- Master Vergara



Upcoming Events

June 10

Adults Class Color Belt Promotion @ 10am

June 15

WSAMA @ Jubilee Day, Mechanicsburg

Demo Team performs @ 11am 

 June 17

Bojuka Self-Defense Seminar from

12 to 2pm

 July 15

Competition Team at Battle of Harrisburg

 July 24-28

Kid's Karate Camp



Fitness Challenge Winners

Congratulations to WSAMA's May Fitness Challenge winners:  


Female - Joyce Harris

Male - Jacque Halbach

 MA & Cardio:

Female - Jessica Beamesderfer

Male - Jim Baker

 Due to demand, Jean Foschi will continue to run Boot Camps on Mondays and Fridays at 5:10pm. Thanks for participating!


Picture Day Photos Are Here

 If you placed orders with Youth Sports Photo, stop by the office to pick them up. Those who would like additional copies and/or products they offer can reach them at 717-724-0600.