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The West Shore Academy of Martial Arts offers a variety of martial arts programs to fit your needs and give you the opportunity to become physically fit, and learn self-defense so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.   Whatever the reason you choose, you will find others just like yourself studying at our school.   At the West Shore Academy of Martial Arts, we have developed proven teaching methods that will not only help you learn quickly and easily, but also provide a wide range of benefits for students of all ages.

Questions & Answers

Q&A's offer prospective and new martial arts students answers to  questions which may arise when you begin your training.



"I just wanted to thank you for all that you and your school do for my family. What started out as a form of exercise for Robert has turned into so much more for all three of us."

"You have taught (Robert), inspired him and challenged him. You have helped him find confidence in himself, see the need to set goals, and feel the satisfaction that comes from hard work."

Allyson & Jacque H.
Parents of Robert


(Master) Vergara has been coming into our school teaching self-defense...for approximately eight years. He is wonderful working with classes that have a variety of students with different abilities and motivational levels."

"I highly recommend Mr. Vergara as a guest speaker in any classroom. He will give your students a presentation that they will enjoy and value greatly."

Sharon Etter
East Pennsboro High School Health/PE Teacher


One Week


Here are a few reasons we think you'll enjoy our school:

  • There are no long-term membership commitments and we have payment plans that fit your budget.

  • We offer family and college student discounts.

  • We have a clean, professional studio with dressing rooms and an observation area for parents.

  • Our school is conveniently located right off of Route 15 in Camp Hill.

  • Our instructors are positive, patient, enthusiastic, and completely dedicated to helping our students reach their individual goals.

  • Classes are enjoyable in a family atmosphere.

*Mention this website and receive a free T-shirt with your enrollment!

to schedule your free one week trial and start making a difference for yourself TODAY!



3548 Gettysburg Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Email: westshoreacademy@aol.com

Tel: 717-761-3527 


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3548 Gettysburg Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011 E-mail: westshoreacademy@aol.com Tel: 717-761-3527

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