Children's Class

        Ranking System and Requirements 

For the Children's Class, a minimum requirement of 25 classes is required (30 for Green Belts on up) to be eligible to test for the next belt. Advancement in rank is awarded on the basis of technical proficiency and mastery of the material presented within each rank. The development and adherence to the martial art philosophy and the overall contribution of the individual are also considerations.

White Belt

White/Stripe Belt

Light Blue Belt

Light Blue/Stripe Belt

Dark Blue Belt

Dark Blue/Stripe Belt

Purple Belt

Purple/Stripe Belt

Orange Belt

Orange/Single Stripe Belt

Orange/Double Stripe Belt

Orange/Triple Stripe Belt

Yellow Belt

Yellow/Single Stripe Belt

Yellow/Double Stripe Belt

Yellow/Triple Stripe Belt

Green Belt

Green/Stripe Belt

Red Belt

Red/Stripe Belt

1st Dan Jr. Black Belt

2nd Dan Jr. Black Belt (age 12 & under)/1st Dan Sr. Black Belt (age 13 & up)