Adult Class Ranking System Requirements

    For each color belt test, a minimum requirement of 30 classes is required to be eligible to test for the next rank. Advancement in rank is awarded on the basis of technical proficiency and mastery of the material presented within each rank. In addition, you are required to be ready to demonstrate any or all techniques for ALL previous ranks. The previous ranks are the foundations for the next. The development and adherence to the martial art philosophy and the overall contribution of the individual are also considerations.

 10th Gup (White)

9th Gup (White/Stripe)


8th Gup (Orange)

 7th Gup (Orange/Stripe)


6th Gup (Yellow)

5th Gup (Yellow/Stripe)


4th Gup (Green)

 3rd Gup (Green/Stripe)


2nd Gup (Red)

 1st Gup (Red/Stripe)



1st Dan (Black)

2nd Dan (Black)

3rd Dan (Black)

* Emphasis is on developing proper technique and ability. This goal should be first and foremost to all students. The ranking system should be the secondary goal.

** The final decision of whether or not a student is ready to test will be determined by the master instructor. Some students may complete the minimum testing requirements but still need more practice to attain their personal best (this is especially common at the higher belt levels).